Ready Player GDPR: New Era of Privacy Rights Dominates Campus Session, lecture by Michael Mangold EMCS ’19

With all eyes on privacy rights, forward-looking businesses are re-examining their social media, e-commerce and data mining strategies and looking for new ways forward. Motivating factors include the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which goes into full effect May 25, 2018. The takeaway – learn to play by the new rules or suffer the consequences.

The backdrop for all this upheaval? Spielberg’s recently released Ready Player One – a movie about a dystopian, big-brother-ruled virtual world by one of today’s invasive social media-like companies projected into the future. It made us wonder how companies today will adapt to a new era of privacy rights?

Luckily for the Executive Master in Cybersecurity Class of 2019, they spent the latest residential week at Brown University’s campus examining these issues from an IT, privacy, human factors and policy perspective. Much of this content focused on GDPR which seeks to shift the locus of ownership of data back to individuals – a boon to citizens but a nightmare for today’s companies and organizations that must comply regardless of their physical location as their sprawling global digital footprints expand.

In addition to courses with leading academic and industry experts across policy and technology, professional students – who hail from various functions, industries and geographies – gained insights into each others’ efforts to get ahead of not only digital attacks but this massive regulatory change. Michael Mangold EMCS ’19, student and senior manager at Deloitte & Touche, LLP, presented to the class on GDPR leading practices. He drew from his real-world experience consulting with Fortune 100 companies as they wrestle with the scope, strategy and program components for GDPR compliance.

Mangold shared the relevance of the EMCS interdisciplinary curriculum for leading cybersecurity programs amidst a tumultuous regulatory environment – a job that demands a comprehensive and holistic command of the industry’s policy and technology challenges.

EMCS is built around a recognition that strategy is the best security. It leverages this pedagogical approach to pull together the technical, legal, and business elements of cybersecurity. It has been an incredible experience that enables me to take my consulting game to the next level.

Learn more from Mangold about GDPR in his recent Wall Street Journal publication, 6 Ways to Prepare for GDPR.

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