Chris Godfrey’s EMHL ’15 Bloodbuy Averts Critical Blood Shortages Nationwide

InnovationFwd, a new online publication that promotes startup companies by Ivy League alumni to the finance community, recently interviewed Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) 2015 Chris Godfrey to learn about the company he founded, Bloodbuy.

Godfrey focused his EMHL Critical Challenge Project (CCP) on the development of a business plan for Bloodbuy. In this interview, Godfrey explains how his company uses the cloud to let hospitals shop for blood in real-time and how this revolutionary solution addresses the uneven geographic distribution of blood that’s plagued healthcare for decades.

Don’t miss his shout out to EMHL. Referencing his Brown executive degree and finance industry experience, Godfrey says,

That background gave me the experience to identify and address a crucial pain point in the healthcare industry: a hyper-fragmented blood supply infrastructure.”

Read the rest of the InnovationFwd interview: Bloodbuy Averts Critical Blood Shortages Nationwide with its Cloud-Based Platform

Chris Godfrey, EMHL ’15

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