Healthcare leaders get ready for blockchain, EMHL Program Director Scott Goodspeed

“Is there an industry that stands to benefit more from blockchain than healthcare?” In his contributed Modern Healthcare article, EMHL Program Director Scott Goodspeed explores this question as speculation mounts about blockchain’s capacity to improve healthcare across the sector from clinical outcomes to reduced costs.

Goodspeed begins by quoting Brown Computer Science Professor Roberto Tamassia, an expert in blockchain and smart contracts, saying that,

“…blockchain could impact our lives on the same scale as the Internet by enabling consensus and trust in a distributed way without having to rely on a trusted third-party entity.”

Goodspeed then goes on to inform us that the healthcare industry is already diving in. Citing a study from IBM, Goodspeed writes,

“16% of surveyed healthcare executives had solid plans to implement a commercial blockchain solution in 2017, while 56% expected to by 2020.”

As with any disruptive technology, Goodspeed acknowledges that organizations will need hard proof of the benefits and reliability of blockchain. But concerns aside, he provides insights about how it can be leveraged in healthcare today.

To find out more about these examples, read the rest of this Modern Healthcare article, Healthcare leaders, get ready for blockchain.


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