EMSTL: Shaking up Leadership

What is it like hearing a panel of rock star women talk about their paths to tech leadership and the challenges they faced? Inspiring.

Last night JW Player and Brown University’s Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership co-hosted, Shaking Up Leadership: A Roadmap to Inspiring Female Leaders in a Tech World. With over 100 attendees at JW Player’s Manhattan office, the panelists discussed their varied journeys up the technology industry ladder leading companies through M&As, industry shifts, and global expansions.

Some started as computer science majors, others followed a more circuitous path to tech via economics, film, accounting… Yet they all faced challenges and shared with the rapt audience how they overcame them.

Kudos to EMSTL Program Director Sandra Smith who did an outstanding job directing the flow of the conversation – no easy feat with six strong leaders with a lot to say. Sharing her takeaways from the panel, Smith offered:

“It was an amazing panel. While they all followed different routes to tech leadership, they all took significant risks to get there. None of them let perceived barriers get in their way. They offered valuable life lessons about getting the knowledge you need, for example in coding camps and tapping into networks, to get where you want to go.”

A big thank you to EMSTL Advisory Committee member, JW Player CTO Pablo Calamera, who connected EMSTL with the amazing JW Inspire team at JW Player, particularly Head of Engineering Program Management Kathy Carter and Marketing Coordinator Tory Igoe. Calamera represents the enlightened and successful industry leadership that EMSTL cultivates across our program.

Based on lessons learned from the panel, Smith mused about the value of EMSTL for women who aspire to tech leadership:

EMSTL builds confidence and knowledge – the critical traits that empowered these women to succeed. The program accomplishes this goal by providing 16 months of access to new content and new ways of looking at the world, and a high-value network of peers that challenge and build each other up.

Collectively the EMSTL experience prepares professionals to be better problem solvers, thinkers, and communicators, and ultimately self-confident leaders primed to overcome barriers and impact industry.

-Sandra Smith
Innovation and Corporate Engagement Officer
Brown University School of Professional Studies


To watch the full panel, click here.

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