Overcoming today’s risks and tomorrow’s threats with confidence, Alan Usas

EMCS Program Director Alan Usas

Congratulations to EMCS Program Director Alan Usas on the launch of his CSO blog series, Cyber Leadership: Where Policy, Psychology and Practice Collide.

In his first post, Overcoming today’s risks and tomorrow’s threats with confidence, Usas discusses the need to redefine cybersecurity leadership to extend beyond IT and embrace the policy, human factors and privacy issues that this crisis entails. In doing so, cybersecurity leaders no longer hail just from IT, but from law, HR, operations… from all the functions that cybersecurity impacts.

Connecting this need for multifaceted leadership to current events, Usas references in his post the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.  He writes,

“Take the example of the recent controversy surrounding the revelation that 50 million Facebook users’ personal data was taken directly or indirectly by a third-party app and then sold to a voter profiling firm. In response, US lawmakers are now looking at how privacy protections such as those laid out by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation could help prevent, or at least punish such actions.

This controversy isn’t just about the capabilities of modern technology; it touches on issues of privacy, ethics, politics, and partnerships for any organization that collects data about its customers or employees. And the end result could have financial, regulatory, and public relations implications. Knowing how to lead an organization through such a complicated scenario and the ensuing fallout demands much more than technology chops. It requires a well-rounded set of skills; not the least of which is the ability to quickly understand the impact of current events and pivot accordingly.”

Brown University designed the Executive Master in Cybersecurity program to help professionals cultivate this broader strategic mindset and accompanying high-impact communications skills.  We invite you to follow Usas on CSO to expand your strategy as corporations and organizations across the globe race to keep up with cybersecurity’s exponential growth.

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