Arvin Singh EMHL ’19 Aids Johns Hopkins Testimony to US Congress in Support of 340B Drug Pricing Program

The state of flux that defines the US healthcare industry offers professionals a unique opportunity to shape policies that will impact the health of our nation today and tomorrow. However, to seize this opportunity, professionals must commit to the development of a powerful cross-industry perspective and well-honed leadership skillset to weather the complexity of a highly politicized regulatory environment. 

We applaud Arvin Singh, EMHL ’19 for his commitment to advancing his already impressive business, government and public healthcare expertise in his EMHL studies and applying this know-how to maintain government programs that are critical to the patient population that he serves as an administrative resident at Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS).

Singh is no newbie to politics. In addition to his administrative medicine background, he has worked extensively in government, including assisting the Executive Office of the President during the Obama Administration. Evidence of his superior strategic sensibility, Singh is a nationally-ranked chess player having won state (Indiana) multiple times.

As an administrative leader at JHHS, Singh recently supported the hospital’s executive vice president and COO, Charles Reuland, in his public testimony to the US Congress responding to the government’s request for information about the 340B Drug Pricing program. 340B allows covered entities to purchase certain outpatient drugs at reduced prices, in order to allow those entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible to better serve their patients.

At the October 11, 2017 Congressional Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Hearing, Examining How Covered Entities Utilize the 340B Drug Pricing Program, JHHS pushed back against the intent of the hearing which was to uncover 340B misuse.

It was tense,” said Singh. “After our COO gave his written statement in support of 340B, Republican legislators peppered him with questions determined to find misuse. We prepared him well with facts about JHHS’s commitment to being a good steward of 340B and the program’s critical role in improving the health outcomes of our low-income patient population.

JHHS’s effectiveness clearly gained the ire of the anti-340B representatives.

As a result of our preparedness, we successfully parried the legislators’ questions designed to discredit the program. Some actually stormed off in frustration.”

Singh is thankful that, four months later, nothing further came of the hearing and, importantly for JHHS’s patients, there have not been any changes to 340B.

We applaud Singh’s commitment to JHHS’s patient population, his ongoing advocacy work, and commitment to transforming healthcare.

We invite you to watch the hearing and read the statements and transcripts here.

Arvin Singh, EMHL ’18

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