Achieving Healthcare Innovation, EMHL Alum Chris Godfrey

Congratulations to Chris Godfrey for being interviewed by HealthCare Innovators in their series on “inspirational individuals” in the healthcare industry. Godfrey is a 2015 graduate of the Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) program and the founder of Bloodbuy, a cloud-based technology company that connects hospitals and blood centers nationwide.

In the course of this interview, Godfrey explains how he discovered the inefficiencies in the blood supply industry and outlines how Bloodbuy overcomes these barriers. Godfrey also provides invaluable advice for professionals seeking to advance their careers.

We are honored that Godfrey considered EMHL a critical asset in the buildout of his company and appreciate his thoughts on the value of EMHL’s design thinking, multidisciplinary approach, excellent faculty, and peer-to-peer engagement. According to Godfrey:

“The program at Brown is really dynamic and really suited for what I was looking for…. It’s a hybrid type program designed for individuals that are already established in their careers… (The program) brings together clinicians, bankers, people in the pharmaceutical industry, administrators, nurses, and people with a really broad background so that we could (master) the… curriculum…. We had an extremely diverse cohort and we learned as much from each other… working in team-based environments throughout the program as we did through… the curriculum based learning.”

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You can also learn more about the company Godfrey founded, Bloodbuy, in Wired Magazine.

About Chris Godfrey:

Chris Godfrey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bloodbuy. Prior to founding Bloodbuy, Mr. Godfrey sourced and structured control investments within healthcare at HealthCap Partners. Prior to that, he worked at The Cirrus Group, Hillwood Capital, Macfarlan Capital Partners, and JP Morgan. Mr. Godfrey has been on the Dallas Business Journal’s list of Who’s Who in Healthcare and has been recognized by the Harvard Forum on Healthcare Innovation. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and a Master’s in Healthcare Leadership from Brown University.

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