Mitch Ocampo, EMBA ’17 – Helping People Live Longer, Healthier, More Financially Secure Lives

Congratulations to Mitch Ocampo IE Brown EMBA Class of 2017 on his recent promotion to Chief Technology Officer of LOGiQ3 GROUP, a subsidiary of RGAx and Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (NYSE: RGA). As a Fortune 500 company, RGA is one of the largest life and health reinsurance companies in the world, with $3.3 trillion of life reinsurance in force and assets of $60.5 billion. The mission for RGAx is to redefine the industry by helping people live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives.

When Ocampo joined IE Brown, he was Executive Vice President for TAI Re, a joint-venture reinsurance firm focused on software and services. In January of this year, the company along with its corporate affiliates were acquired by RGAx. As part of the acquisition, Ocampo accepted a position at the GROUP level, leading technology and innovation for the newly established digital business unit.

“IE Brown played a critical role in this career development,” said Ocampo. “I joined IE Brown to basically checkoff gaps in my business skill set, but what I got was a transformational experience.”

Read on to find out why Ocampo chose IE Brown, the critical value of liberal arts for 21st-century business leadership, and how post-graduation, his IE Brown cohort, and connection to these larger world-class academic institutions continue to enrich his business network and life.

Why did you join IE Brown?

“Coming from a liberal arts background, I wanted to supplement my on-the-job business knowledge with a globally-focused Executive MBA, given that the reinsurance industry is international by design. I went into the program thinking I wanted to fill these formal, academic business gaps and come out armed and ready for the world.

Instead, I came out with more questions, but with the confidence and curiosity to ask them, since after all its impossible to know everything. The program gave me the tools to ask the right questions.”

How did IE Brown’s liberal arts-infused curriculum prepare you for leadership in a global Fortune 500 company?

“Having an interdisciplinary world-leading business program at IE gave me the tools to challenge myself across all aspects of business – operations, finance, corporate strategy, and entrepreneurship, while also looking externally to global market trends, innovation, and technology that could impact the future of business.

But balancing this coursework with the humanities rooted in the Brown philosophy allowed me to view my work in a much deeper context, adding a dimension that truly captures the human spirit of business and the element of purpose. This combination has allowed me to lead with a focus on not just bottom line profitability, but the triple bottom line: People, Planet, as well as Profit.

Landing at RGAx, a company focused on helping people live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives is no accident. This notion of purpose in our daily work is something that I truly believe in and feel is required to really bring passion and impact in today’s world.”

Post graduation, how does IE Brown continue to impact your career?

“IE Brown was a transformative experience that added so much color to my life. It’s given me the courage to take risks because I don’t feel like I have to know all the answers. Equally important, it’s given me an invaluable network of trusted colleagues. To this day, we continue to meet, brainstorm ideas, and even do business together.

The strength of the bonds we formed through the institutional connection to Brown, along with the growing innovation sector in Providence, has translated into new ventures as well. Just within our cohort, I know of numerous domestic and international collaborations surrounding 5G networks, philanthropy and charity, SDG development, and venture capital.

A good friend from the cohort, Anthony Giordano, and I just completed a round of angel funding for a business venture led by Brown undergraduates that we met in the B-Lab, through the Nelson Entrepreneurial Venture Center at Brown. It’s serendipitous moments like this that hopefully pay future dividends from trusted connections established during the IE Brown journey.”

If there’s one major takeaway you got from IE Brown, what would it be?

“Prophetically, on the first day of business school in Segovia, Spain, the first PowerPoint slide we all saw had a quote from Socrates. It read, ‘If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I know nothing.’ The IE Brown experience taught me how powerful the curious mind can be, as long as you know how to ask the right questions.”

Mitch Ocampo, IE Brown ’17

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