EMHL 2019 Kicks off New Year at Brown Campus for Intensive Week of Classes

We are pleased to welcome EMHL 2019 back to Providence, RI for their second residential session at the beautiful wintry Brown campus, January 7-14, 2018. This cohort of 29 students will kick off their residential session with a two-day shark tank extravaganza.

Each student will prepare and present their Critical Challenge Project (CCP) elevator speech and poster presentation. They will then reassemble in the classroom where faculty and peers will act as sharks, probing each student about his/her CCP. 

The closing will consist of two activities where first, second and third place prizes will be awarded based on Brown Bucks votes and a closing consisting of students’ shark tank quotes being projected around the classroom.

Other program highlights include:

  • Faculty members Laurence Chait and Jon Kingsdale will wrap up of their courses, Strategic Planning and Healthcare Policy, respectively.
  • Jim Austin will kick off Management and Marketing for Healthcare Transformation. Students will learn specific management and marketing skills to transform a healthcare organization in the context of their own leadership style.
  • Later in the week, four 90-minute sessions will be offered on patient advocacy, organization culture, project management and diversity and inclusion.
  • In the workshop, Strengths Based Leadership, students will take a new leadership version of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment and learn specific strategies for leading based on the book, Strengths Based Leadership from Gallup by Tom Rath.
  • Jennifer Madden will offer a session on Effective Communication leading the students in this highly interactive workshop on transformative communication skills.
  • Finally, Joseph Coyne will end the week with Financial Decisions in Healthcare. In this course, students will utilize a comprehensive range of healthcare cost accounting practices to develop their computational, analytic, and decision-making skills with respect to managerial accounting of operations in multinational healthcare organizations, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.

The Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership is a 16-month program blending interactive online learning with four residential sessions, allowing students to lead dynamic change, influence others and have a transformative impact on healthcare through an executive ivy league education.

Through program successes and challenges, our students aspire to make a meaningful difference in healthcare.

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