Soft Skills Every Tech Leader Needs

We know that tech jobs require expertise in hard skills like programming and math. However, soft skills are becoming increasingly important.

Sandra Smith, program director for the Executive Master in Science and Technology leadership, details the importance of these soft skills and what capabilities tech professionals need to get and stay a head of the industry curve, in the December 2017 IT Business Edge article, Soft Skills Every Tech Worker Needs.

“Technical experts are masters of facts, data management, and control processes but to advance as leaders they need to hone their ability to work with and through others.” said Smith.

“Leaders inspire their teams, manage conflict, cultivate diverse perspectives and give feedback that rapidly moves others toward shared goals. Emotional intelligence is important for success. This is particularly true for technical professionals who need to know their own biases, strengths and weaknesses. They need to understand the culture, working style, functional background and agenda of others in order to connect with and influence them.”

Read the entity of the article to find out what 12 soft skill categories are being prioritized in the tech world.


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