On the Frontline of Vivendi’s Online Video Venture, Mickael Pinto 2013

What’s a multinational mass media conglomerate like Vivendi doing in an emerging digital market space like online video sharing? “Driving it,” according to Mickael Pinto, Vivendi’s DailyMotion VP of content and IE Brown 2013.

We recently caught up with Pinto to find out how his IE Brown experience prepared him to be a leader at a traditional entertainment company’s innovative venture.

Why did you choose IE Brown?

“I looked into Ivy League Executive MBAs because I’m always seeking ways to improve my capacity to inspire teams and strengthen my agility in volatile markets.”

“After talking to colleagues with MBAs and trialing classes, I grew weary of a traditional cookie-cutter MBA curriculum that seemed like a formula for more of the same rather than innovation.”

“IE Brown appealed to me from the beginning. Based in France, I knew about IE because of its strong reputation in Europe.”

“I was drawn to IE Brown’s idea of extending thinking from disciplines beyond finance and accounting to today’s’ business challenges. I was attracted to tackling these issues with a cohort of rigorous, smart, creative business people from an array of industries and professions.

I wanted to work with people who, like me, understand that you need to examine business from new perspectives to find a new edge.”

How did IE Brown help you advance your career?

“IE Brown strengthened my ability to both navigate a global complex organization and problem-solve in uncertainty.”

“IE Brown’s beyond business focus translated into a pragmatic set of skills that have been crucial for me to push forward innovative ventures within a global company. I’ll never be an expert in finance or marketing or the other subjects that I have to juggle on a daily basis, but the curriculum gave me the understanding and language to be relevant in conversations with stakeholders across multiple disciplines to contribute to an overall game plan – not just my vertical.

IE Brown also strengthened my natural tendency to look for new challenges. It gave me the clarity to focus my career on new ventures and the mindset to take into account elements that weren’t initially part of the equation.”

I am glad Vivendi understood my added value in this context and has given me the opportunity to actively contribute to new challenges.”

Can you tell us about your recent promotion at Vivendi to vice president of content at DailyMotion for Europe, Middle East, and Africa?

“Spurred by the explosive growth of video, Vivendi recently bought this company with a plan to relaunch the service from scratch. I’m an active contributor to this exciting undertaking and directly in charge of re-establishing the company’s footprint in this region.”

“With the rise of fake news and the deluge of amateur videos, we see a strategic opportunity in the vetted content space for end-users and content partners.

Our goal is not to be everything for everyone. Focusing on four main verticals – sports, music, news, and entertainment, we target a more mature/premium audience. We intend to leverage data (behaviors, trends…) to provide a more tailor-made experience than the competition.”

“DailyMotion has many challenges and opportunities ahead of it. Thanks to IE Brown’s training that helped me develop a multidisciplinary framework and the skills to relentlessly seek new perspectives, I’m confident in my ability to build a new team to get the job done.”


IE Brown ’13, Mickael Pinto

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