EMCS 2018 Paul Eriksen – Warming up for Aerosmith at The Summit | AT&T Business

What does Meg Whitman, Thomas Friedman, Mark Cuban, and Brown EMCS 2018 Paul Eriksen have in common? They’re all speaking at AT&T’s inaugural event, The Summit | AT&T Business, that kicks off October 30, 2017. Out of AT&T’s nearly 300,000 employees, Eriksen was chosen for one of the coveted speaking positions at this event. He will participate on a panel called, “The Shortage of Cybertalent, HELP!” in a session before Aerosmith rocks the house.

Eriksen is an AT&T lead external headhunter, responsible for attracting and hiring top external talent into strategically important roles at AT&T, which includes cybersecurity. On the frontlines of recruitment in one of the fiercest areas of talent acquisition, Eriksen is committed to maximizing his cybersecurity leadership skills. He previously earned his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and is now months away from completing his Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) degree.

“I haven’t even completed EMCS and it has already made a profound impact on my career,” said Eriksen. “It’s elevated my expertise in the field, enriched my network, and enabled me to add additional value at AT&T. I’m honored to be participating in this important discussion on cybersecurity at The Summit | AT&T Business and feel grateful to Brown University for helping me get here.”

When asked why he chose EMCS, Eriksen answered,

“AT&T’s continuous learning environment inspired me to pursue an advanced degree to support the company’s commitment to cybersecurity. I chose EMCS because I was impressed by Brown’s top-ranked computer science department, the cross-disciplinary scope of the program and the blended online/residential formula that worked with my demanding work schedule and family life.”

And how has he found the program so far?

“The program has exceeded my expectations. Everyone – from faculty to cohort members – represent the best from across the breadth of cybersecurity and demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile to get everyone past the finish line. 

You need this mixture to get through the rigor of this program. My cohort members have continuously come to my aid when the curriculum veers outside my area of expertise, as I have come to theirs.

No one is an expert across every aspect of human factors, technology, policy and privacy. But it’s an invaluable asset to have a high quality network with this intelligence embedded. Together, we’ll be positioned to drive the cybersecurity industry forward.”

To fulfill the requirement for the EMCS Critical Challenge Project Eriksen is developing a guide called, The answer to the Cybersecurity skill deficit is hiding in plain sight, that will identify resources to draw more women, at all stages of life, from middle-school student to retirement-age second careers, into the Cybersecurity field.

EMCS ’18 Paul Eriksen

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