EMHL Program Director Scott Goodspeed Shares his First Impressions of the Program

Scott Goodspeed hit the ground running in his new position as the program director of Brown University’s Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership (EMHL). Goodspeed brings to the program deep industry knowledge as president and CEO of four hospitals, and experience as a consultant focused on healthcare governance, strategy, and change management.

Within days of joining the team, Goodspeed was hosting the first week-long residential session for the EMHL Class of 2019. Now that the students are back home and continuing their studies online, we caught up with Goodspeed to get his first impressions of the program and students, and how he thinks the EMHL program delivers on its commitment to transform healthcare.

I was drawn to this position because EMHL tackles the heart of the healthcare crisis – the need for leadership to rethink the delivery of healthcare, the payment of healthcare and the patient experience – the triple aim. To achieve these goals, healthcare needs leaders with superior broad-based industry knowledge and management skills. Actually experiencing the program showed me how EMHL corrals the brainpower, intensity, expertise, and camaraderie needed to prepare this type of transformative leadership.

From the moment students walked through the Van Wickle Gates – a convocation tradition at this 250-year-old Ivy League University, you knew they were embarking on a life and career altering experience to transform healthcare. The gravitas of the Brown ceremony reflected the intensity of the first week of classes. We are not talking about changing day-to-day operations but about transforming what we do fundamentally because what we’re doing now is not sustainable.

EMHL Class of 2019

Throughout the week, EMHL students dove into intensive coursework focused on strategy, creating value, achieving high performance healthcare policy and reform, and global healthcare systems. While grappling with policy issues in the context of a week that saw multiple government healthcare pronouncements that carry the potential to exacerbate an already uncertain market, students were continuously reminded about the real-time aspect of their work.

Reinforcing the program’s commitment to immediate impact, students continuously integrated new knowledge and skills into their EMHL Critical Challenge Projects – an opportunity to leverage the program’s brain trust to develop innovative sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Students were also introduced to Brown’s academic excellence through an innovative, student-centered model of learning that takes place both in teams and in close collaboration with EMHL’s stellar faculty. In addition to the healthcare curriculum, students focused heavily on refining their individual leadership skills. Each student received their 360-degree feedback assessment working with coaches from the Center for Creative Leadership based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

What I can’t say enough about is the expertise, commitment, and respectfulness of this community from the faculty to the students. All of these components are critical to move healthcare forward. Being part of this program is an invigorating, inspiring and empowering experience that I feel proud to be part of.

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