From TedTalk to NBC Nightly News – IE Brown 2016 Montana Butsch Launches Thin Edge Consulting

We recently shared a story about the flood of top tier press that IE Brown 2016 Montana Butsch received for the organization he founded, Chicago Training Center (CTC), an after school competitive rowing program for low-income kids. We’re proud to announce that there’s more great press to report as well as a new venture.

NBC 5 Nightly News ran a segment on the success of CTC and Butsch’s recently launched Thin Edge Consulting; a firm that leverages the alternative sport space for the benefit of atypical participants across the country. Butsch caught NBC’s attention with a popular TedTalk he gave in Spain:

“The TED Talk provided me a great platform to talk about the benefits of rowing for the South and West sides of the city of Chicago,” Butsch said in the NBC interview.  He also gave IE Brown a shout out by mentioning the value of his MBA in creating a program that has helped more than 1,000 Chicago teens learn to row and excel on and off the water.

We wish him all the best turning more sports into more opportunities with Thin Edge Consulting!

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