Podcast – Beyond Bitcoin: the Blockchain Revolution

Will blockchain be to this decade what plastics was to the 60s? It might be, according to Brown Plastech Professor, Computer Science Roberto Tamassia. Professor Tamassia is the executive director of the Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity program but we wanted to share this podcast with the IE Brown folks because of this technology’s disruptive potential on business as we know it.

Blockchain is the technology most known for powering bitcoin but it’s so much more. Blockchain promises to realize the dream behind the internet to truly enable peer to peer interactions. With Blockchain individuals can purchase a house or stock by relying on math to enforce rules rather than an institutional player, like a bank.

Listen to this podcast with Professor Roberto Tamassia to find out how Bitcoin’s underlying technology has the potential to revolutionize online business and some of the challenges that it poses.

• Read more about Professor Tamassia here.
• Read the transcript here.

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