Dr. Raman Mehrzad ’17 Joins Yale New Haven Hospital as a Medical Director

Congratulations to Dr. Raman Mehrzad on both his recent completion of his Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership degree and his appointment to medical director at one of the internal medicine departments at Yale New Haven Hospital.

In this new position, Dr. Mehrzad leads a team of approximately 40 medical providers. His responsibilities include quality of care, employee training systems, patient satisfaction, readmission rates, discharges, employee morale, turnover and work productivity and efficiency.

“Achieving high value for patients must become the ultimate goal of healthcare delivery,” said Dr. Mehrzad. “For me, and many other medical professionals, the value is defined as health outcomes achieved per dollar spent. This goal is what matters for patients and unites the interests of all stakeholders. If value improves, payers, providers, patients, and suppliers can all benefit while the financial sustainability of the health care system increases.”

He continued,

“My goal with this position is to bring the utmost value through different scientific based healthcare business strategies I’ve captured and learned throughout my career and education.”

“I’m thrilled to hear about Dr. Mehrzad’s  well-deserved promotion,” said Judith D. Bentkover, professor of the practice of Health Services, Policy and Practice at Brown Alpert Medical School and the first executive and academic director of the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program.

“Given Dr. Mehzad’s outstanding performance in the EMHL program, I am sure that the faculty joins me in congratulating him on leveraging his outstanding academic performance into continual career success.  EMHL prepares healthcare professionals to lead the industry in a time of uncertainty and change.  I look forward to hearing about Dr. Mehrzad’s vision for this new department and its growth under his leadership.”

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