Rocketing To the Top: Brian Norris EMBA ’16 Promoted to VP at Dish Network

Congratulations to Brian Norris, IE Brown ’16, on his promotion to vice president of Sales at DISH Network Corp. In this position, Norris will oversee DISH and Sling TV’s advertising sales, analytics and operations.

“Brian has been a driving force behind DISH Media Sales since its inception, shaping a culture of thought leadership and professionalism within the organization,” said Warren Schlichting, DISH executive vice president of Marketing, Programming and Media Sales.

“As we push the envelope on smarter TV advertising, Brian’s leadership will continue the momentum and growth of the business.”

Commenting on his promotion, Norris shared:

“We’re part of changing the definition of TV and with it, the definition of TV advertising. I’m proud to lead a team of sales innovators that has paved the way in the unchartered territory from addressable advertising and programmatic TV to new opportunities offered by Sling TV.”

When asked about the biggest takeaway from IE Brown about business leadership, Norris commented:

“That’s easy to answer: to be a leader that’s self-aware. We all know on a theoretical level that leaders are only as strong as their teams but the IE Brown experience drove home this point. The program design emphasized the value of conversation and the critical role of multiple perspectives in problem-solving.”

“IE Brown taught us that it’s through dialogue with others that you become a more reflective leader, transcend your limitations, identify solutions to avoid unseen pitfalls, and seize new opportunities.”

Brian Norris will headline the upcoming IE Brown event, The Importance of Diversity in Leadership & Wine Tasting, this week in New York City. Norris will discuss how he advocates for inclusion to help DISH strengthen their leadership teams.

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