Lessons Learned: Traveling the World While Pursuing an IE Brown MBA

IE Brown 2017 Anthony Giordano didn’t simply move home to New York City after living and working in Dubai. He took his family on a journey around the world. He also managed to attain an IE Brown Executive MBA while traveling, a testament both to Giordano’s commitment to impacting business, and the flexibility of IE Brown’s online and residential format.

Bamboo Train- Cambodia


In an essay about this mind-expanding experience, Giordano shares the following life-lessons learned:

Experiential learning enhances education. As the world becomes more digital, it has never been more important to connect with the physical and human world around us. Choosing an eMBA, especially one that includes humanities is a step that brings you closer to people. Doing this program while experiencing the world around you gives first-hand experience of what you’re studying.

Thinking time is productive. In the day-to-day schedule of life, doing is typically prioritized. Despite the wisdom of the Einstein quote about spending 59 of the 60 minutes thinking when trying to solve a problem, we are quick to rush to action and supply output. Instead, when I spent more time thinking of what I was going to write than actually writing, I found my thoughts to be clearer and deeper.

Locations, people, cultures, and their development are more connected than they first appear. These connections provide insight into the opportunities that exist in the world. One of these could turn into your next business idea or help you uncover a passion point that you’d like to spend more time on.

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