Improving Cybersecurity: The Diversity Imperative, Deborah Hurley | Forbes

In this Forbes article, Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity Associate Faculty Director Deborah Hurley explains the cybersecurity industry’s unique opportunity to diversify its ranks and fill jobs with qualified candidates.

Hurley argues that cybersecurity is inherently a “big tent” that requires a broad array of skills from IT to legal to risk management to training to human resources… Seen from this angle, cybersecurity becomes an industry inviting to a spectrum of employees across disciplines who seek to advance their careers in a dynamic and high growth industry sector.

For an example of a cybersecurity expert who entered this field from a non-technical discipline, Hurley cites fellow EMCS faculty member, Linn Freedman.

“Linn Freedman… entered the field 20 years ago as an attorney addressing privacy issues for health exchanges. Since privacy protection requires cybersecurity, her expertise in both grew, and she now serves as the chair of the data privacy and security team in her law firm. She has found great job satisfaction in cybersecurity, one of the most dynamic fields today.”

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