The Power of Big Data + A Lifetime Career in Healthcare = Care Bridge International, Deborah Watkins EMHL 2015

Where do you learn to morph big data, cloud-based technology and executive healthcare experience into a revolutionary, entrepreneurial business that empowers insurance companies to process complex medical claims with quality and integrity while reducing costs and risk? EMHL, according to Deborah Watkins, founder and CEO of Care Bridge International. Care Bridge offers data-driven technology based solutions for future medical evaluations, medical reserve setting, underwriting, claim settlements, litigation, Medicare Set Asides and care coordination.

Watkins credits EMHL for providing the space to launch Care Bridge, and the access to leading experts in data-driven decision making, finance and IT to make it happen.

An experienced clinician and insurance executive, Watkins began her EMHL journey as the CEO of a leading Medicare Secondary Payer financial service provider who wanted to hone her business expertise to improve payer performance in a rapidly changing industry. “I searched for three years for an MBA program but none of them met my needs, with a bend toward our changing healthcare environment. I wanted a program designed to leverage my lifetime career in healthcare and commitment to advancing this industry.”

Midway through the program, her company was sold. “Moving on from this job was an opportunity to reinvent myself and EMHL was a great place to do it. People apply to this program because they’re high achievers. A striking number of students in my cohort assumed new positions and advanced their careers during the program.”

According to Watkins, “The inspiration for Care Bridge evolved during my studies, but the night a guest lecturer spoke on funding and finance, I knew Care Bridge could become a reality. Because of the small size of the class, I was able to sit down with this financial expert, professors and cohort members and brainstorm the options for funding my own project.”


From that point on, Watkins dedicated her EMHL experience to building a business plan for Care Bridge. “Originally my Critical Challenge Project (CCP) centered on the development of a new product for the dual eligibility market for my old company. In the course of my research at Brown, I discovered that Life Care Planners have been using a methodology to forecast payments that had never been validated. Using data-driven business models learned during my work at EMHL, I modified my CCP to develop data intelligence- and technology-based solutions to improve payer performance. I incorporated Care Bridge right after graduating.”

Fast-forward to today, Care Bridge celebrated its two year anniversary and continues to grow rapidly. “I couldn’t have done it without EMHL,” said Watkins. “The high-touch access EMHL offered to experts – both professors and cohort members – in data driven decision-making, finance, and IT was absolutely invaluable to my current business success.”

Proof of this success: Care Bridge recently announced its selection for the InsurTech StartUp Accelerator program. As part of this recognition, Care Bridge will present in San Francisco at the upcoming InsurTech Silicon Valley 2017 Summit.

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