Governor Gina Raimondo Visits with EMSTL 2018 Cohort during First Providence Session

Governor Raimondo gave an inspiring talk to EMSTL 2018 students during the program’s first residential session. She focused on the alignment of her vision for growing RI’s STEAM economy and Brown’s commitment to fostering leadership in these economic areas.

“I’m laser-focused on turning around Rhode Island’s economy,” said Governor Raimondo. She explained how RI was once the jewelry Mecca of America but it needs to reposition itself for today’s growth in STEAM fields. To shift the state’s economic trajectory, her goal is to cultivate the type of STEAM talent and skilled labor force that businesses need today. Raimondo referenced the recent announcement that the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) will move to RI and co-locate in a new Wexford development in Providence with Brown’s School of Professional Studies. CIC made this move because, “they want to be near you,” she said pointing to the EMSTL students in the room.

“What you’re doing at EMSTL is core to what I’m trying to do in Rhode Island,” said the Governor. “The leadership that you’re going to provide is what will fuel our economy. I would like Rhode Island to be at the forefront of that next generation of job creation.”

To learn more about Governor Raimondo and RI’s appeal to cutting-edge companies looking to leverage top talent without the burn rate of Silicon Valley, see this New York Times article, After Long Economic Slide, Rhode Island Lures New Business.

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