R.I. patients, providers need Obamacare, Richard W. Besdine

Richard W. Besdine, a professor of medicine and of public health at Brown University and in the Brown Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership program, recently published a piece in the Providence Journal with Maureen Maigret, aging policy consultant with the Senior Agenda Coalition of Rhode Island, and Martha Watson, a clinical innovation specialist and magnet coordinator at Newport Hospital. Based on their extensive experience as experts in the care for older adults, the Affordable Care Act has helped them make the greatest gains in improving care quality, affordability and accessibility to this population which is why they find current threats to the ACA very alarming.

They detail how ACA has improved the lives of older adults in Rhode Island, exemplified by the story of an 88 year old grandmother who was able to stay in her home because of improvements made through the ACA in coordinated care. They write,

“There are thousands of patients like her across the state who are benefiting thanks to the ACA. In Rhode Island, seniors are using free preventive services, hospitals are reducing avoidable re-admissions and Medicare beneficiaries are saving an average of $912 per year on drug costs.

We must protect the innovations in payment and care delivery we have been able to offer our patients since the Affordable Care Act became law. If these protections and services are taken away, we take away security and well-being from families. We should not sacrifice this progress.”

They conclude, “Our lawmakers should not repeal any part of the ACA until they show us exactly what they intend to replace it with.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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