EMHL Critical Challenge Projects Make Waves Before and After Students Graduate

We just got wind that two EMHL students will present at leading healthcare conferences based on their Critical Challenge Projects (CCPs).  

Chris Godfrey ‘15 and Glenn Pascual ‘17 both secured presentation positions at leading conferences demonstrating the impact of their CCPs before and after their graduation.

A graduate of EMHL’s first cohort, Chris Godfrey used his CCP to develop a business plan for Bloodbuy, a cloud-based technology company that connects hospitals and blood centers. Godfrey founded and serves as the CEO for Bloodbuy. Since graduating, Bloodbuy’s string of successes includes a Harvard 2016 Health Acceleration Challenge award of $3.74 million in financing, and most recently his presentation at the American Health Association (AHA) Leadership Summit in which he presented, “Bloodbuy:  Innovating Change in the Blood Market”.

On the other end of the student journey spectrum, Dr. Lwabanya Marx, currently serving with Hope Africa University in Burundi at Van Norman Clinic, is expected to graduate as part of cohort 2017. Even though he hasn’t completed the program, he recently had an abstract based on his CCP accepted for a Poster Presentation at the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) 2016 Annual Quality Congress in Chicago on September 10th, 2016. He told us that he was excited to be there connect and learn from other people about newborn care. For those who might be unfamiliar with our curriculum, all EMHL students must complete a CCP which is an independent project that spans the duration of the EMHL program. Each student identifies a critical challenge generally related to his/her organization or to a personal interest.

You can learn more about the CCP here.

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