Glenn Pascual, EMHL ’16, recognized for Leadership in Healthcare

Glenn Pascual, EMHL ’16, recently received two honors for innovation and leadership in healthcare.

He was awarded the Giving Excellence Meaning (GEM) Award by Then, thanks to the impact of his contributions at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center, Glenn accepted his employer’s designation of as one of three finalists for the National Research Corporation (NRC) Innovation Best Practice Award.

Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership: Glenn PascualThe GEM Award is given to nurses who epitomize the best of the profession. In the last five years, Pascual, a nurse by trade, has earned this award four times for his work on improving patient care, administrative policy, and staff management. The NRC Innovative Best Practice Award is given annually to an organization whose outstanding practices resulted in significant improvements to patient-centered care and healthcare outcomes.

Glenn’s EMHL Critical Challenge Project (CCP) on Standardized Service Behaviors was an important catalyst for Woodland Hills Medical Center selection as an NRC finalist. For his CCP, Glenn designed and implemented daily routines, protocols, and interventions that improved patient satisfaction at the Woodland Hills Center.

For Glenn, EMHL provided the springboard he needed to transform healthcare services.

He says:

“I feel like the EMHL program highlighted my value as a leader, and broadened my perspective on the future of healthcare and what I can do to solve the problems we face.”

What’s next for Glenn? He’s interested in pursuing a senior executive role in healthcare. He plans to bring the skills he learned at Brown to other organizations by joining their boards, publishing his ideas, and staying active in the Brown alumni network.

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